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Hey Chips and Chaps! My name is ChipRadical, also known as Chip. I started streaming late October of 2020 to bring myself back to who I was since COVID started. Since then, I have created an amazing community full of interactive and supportive viewers, and now I am repaying my gratitude!

Along with being a content creator and streamer, I am also a video editor. My previous work includes working with UFC Gym, working on their social posts, YouTube videos, and their podcast! I have also created trailers for SpiceGainz, xZeusPerodigyx, and HavocKing207, who I have become great friends with since starting my streaming career!

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 8.50.09 AM.png

Recently, I have taken a trip to Southern Africa, and wanted to go more in depth with my passion, working in photography, videography, and taking more of a professional and cinematic outlook on my work. I want to create enticing footage that can be applied in all fields and industries, as well as improving my craft and being able to fit the needs and visions of all.


My goal is to create videos that envelope your personality and content into videos that you can post onto any social! This goes for businesses, streamers, content creators, and everything in between! 

All of this work is FOR YOU, your clips and content will be treated as if they were my own work. Rest assured that you will get the best of quality of work from me. I want you to succeed in whatever you have planned for the future, and I hope to be a support in your journey! Contact me for any more questions, comments, or concerns you have, and I will be sure to respond! 

I hope to see all of you incredible Chips and Chaps in the near future!

- Chip

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